Condorito movie Art Direction

I worked as Art Director for the movie,with a brilliant team of artists creating sets and locations of this super production and adapting the original characters of the comic to become alive in 3D
These pics were published on Facebook when Condorito movie teaser was released 
on october and hitted 1,800,000 views already.
Below,the amazing team working on the movie,a lot of nice and lovely people full of talent,bringing up the most beautiful project I ever worked at.
Thanks Condorito!

Copyright Pajarraco Films LLC
Produced by Aronnax Animation Studios

Noisy Bedroom Set design

Set Design and Color  Ale Barbesi
Produced by Noiseband

Art Director Condorito movie

Promotional poster for the upcoming Condorito movie,to be released in october 2017
where I worked as Art Director
Copyright Pajarraco Films LLC
Produced by Aronnax Animation Studios

Noisy Lopez Character design

Character Design and Illustration Ale Barbesi
Produced by Noiseband

Cartoon Network characters sketches

Characters sketches Ale Barbesi
Produced by Ary Silverstein


Art direction Ale Barbesi

Produced by Tronco

Buitres Game Design

Background, Character Design and Illustration  Ale Barbesi
Produced by Shango Films

Background Concept Art

Background design and Illustration Ale Barbesi
Spot series "Yo puedo ver"
Produced by McFly Studio

Disney's Frozen:Olaf Character Sculpture

Promotional Standee for movie theaters
Produced by FB Publicidad

Digital Graphic Novel

click here to see animation

Produced by Mcfly Studio

Character Design - Patitas Crunch


Produced by Punga  2011

Picture book

Produced by Mcfly
Edited by Moreno Condis

3D Modelling and Matte painting

El Angel de la Música TV Series - The Angel of Music
for McFly Studio